Greater Oneonta Historical Society

GOHS is Proud Recipient of a NYSCA Grant! 

In November 2022, the Greater Oneonta Historical Society (GOHS) was awarded a $49,500 multi-year Support for Organizations Grant from the New York State Council of the Arts (NYSCA). The Support for Organizations Grant will help fund the full-time salary of GOHS’ Executive Director, Dr. Marcela Micucci.

A media release on Tuesday, November 29, by New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced the NYSCA Support for Organizations and Artists grants, which will provide over 38 millions dollars in funding to thousands of art groups, including museums, visual arts programs, arts education organizations, and music, dance, and theater companies as the state returns to pre-pandemic levels of creation and capacity. 

“GOHS is excited to be able to offer the Oneonta area a full-time executive director,” Kim Back, President of the GOHS Board of Trustees, commented. “We look forward to Dr. Micucci continuing to help further advance the mission of our organization and serve our community.” 

About the New York State Council on the Arts
NYSCA preserves and advances the arts and culture that make New York State an exceptional place to live, work and visit. The Council upholds the right of all New Yorkers to experience the vital contributions the arts make to our communities, education, economic development, and quality of life. To support the ongoing recovery of the arts across New York State, NYSCA is awarding record funding in Fiscal Year 2023, providing support across the full breadth of the arts. 

NYSCA further advances New York’s creative culture by convening leaders in the field and providing organizational and professional development opportunities and informational resources. Created by Governor Nelson Rockefeller in 1960 and continued with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature, the Council is an agency that is part of the Executive Branch. For more information on NYSCA, please visit, and follow NYSCA’s Facebook page, Twitter @NYSCArts and Instagram @NYSCouncilontheArts.