Greater Oneonta Historical Society

Greater Oneonta Historical Society receives $6,700 Technology & Digitization Grant

In June 2021, the South Central Regional Library Council (SCRLC) awarded a $6,700

Technology and Digitization Grant to the Greater Oneonta Historical Society (GOHS) to digitize object and archival material from our collections related to Oneonta women’s history. The digitized materials will be added to GOHS’s website,, and to New York Heritage Digital Collections, found at    

GOHS’s new Executive Director, Dr. Marcela Micucci, and archivist Shelley Wallace will select materials from GOHS’s many collections in order to document women’s roles throughout Oneonta’s history. The resulting digital collection, which will also be used for the historical society’s physical exhibits, will highlight Oneonta women, their activism over time, and their contributions to and role in helping shape the city’s culture, laws, politics, education, healthcare, and history.