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Slide Presentation of Bresee's Oneonta Department Store

Collier's article on Bresee's (Nov. 1949) - 5.5 MB, full color, searchable

Gordon Manning, "We're Telling You, Macy's" ("Gimbel's may not tell Macy's-but why shouldn't Bresee's? They're proud of their success formula: Old-fashioned, friendly service streamlined for 1949"), Collier's, p. 26-41, 12 November 1949. (A special thank you to Dana Bresee for loaning her copy of Collier's for scanning. Scanned by Joseph P. Campbell, Jr. (, March 2011.)

The Oneonta News Company

Oneonta Sales Company

Oneonta City Directories

1901-1902 - full color, searchable

This 1901-1902 Hayne's Oneonta Directory from the Greater Oneonta Historical Society collections was digitized through the collaboration of GOHS and Milne Library at SUNY Oneonta. The project was funded with a grant from the South Central Regional Library Council. Click on the link "Explore the Collection" at the bottom right to view the directory.

1941-1942 (complete, for downloading) - 44 MB, full color, searchable

To view online, choose one of these sections:

“Manning's Oneonta including Oneonta Plains, East End, South Side, and West Oneonta and Sidney, Bainbridge, Unadilla (New York) Directory,” 1941-1942, Vol. XXIX, H.A. Manning Co. Publishers, Schenectady, NY, 1942. “A General Directory of the Citizens, Classified Business Directory, Street Directory and House Guides, and Map, a Record of the City, County, State and United States Governments, Societies, Churches, Etc.” (This particular directory is from the Upper Susquehanna Historical Society, Oneonta, NY, a gift of J. B. Jackson.)

Scanned by Joseph P. Campbell, Jr. (, March 2011. Optical character recognition (OCR) is applied to enable text search, which is extremely useful for research and discovery on the web, but beware of OCR errors (text searches might not match precisely – try partial phrases, words, etc.).

Notes: 1) Scan settings 300 dpi, 11 3/8" x 9" size (3401 x 2691 pixels). 2) OCR via Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. 3) Pages 129-130 missing from directory book. 4) Pages 146-147 (238-549 Main St., 2-95 Maple St.) not scanned, but photographed (lower quality than other pages). 5) Pages 204-310 (Sidney, Bainbridge, Unadilla) not scanned.

Oneonta's Southern New York Railway

Movie of the Delaware & Hudson rail yards in Oneonta, 1934-1939 (Video)

Center Street Elementary School

Oneonta's Sesquicentennial (1848 - 1998)

Oneonta - Life Enjoyed

Mohawk Valley Living - Main Street Oneonta January 16, 2010 (Video)

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